Levon Tokatlyan

Levon Tokatlyan is an Armenian-born artist and art conservator who trained in Russia before coming to America twenty years ago.  Now with thirty-five years of experience he has mastered the art of, among various other things, restoring paintings, murals and gold leaf framing.  Like many in this profession, he does not ply his craft in a museum or an institution; his work can be found in his home studio where he takes the same pride in the restoration of the art of his customers.  For Tokatlyan, conserving art is simply a labor of love.  

After thirty-five years, Tokatlyan keeps his technique strong by his steady involvement in the art industry where he is makes himself knowledgable to the latest methods of period art and object restoration.  In fact, his talent was documented in the highly talked about documentary "Saving Art With Science".  Over the years he has worked with institutions such as the Harvard Universities Fogg Museum, Isabella Gardners Museum and the Old South Church of Boston.